I have a friend (you know who you are) who has a dog that we affectionately call the “Earbiter”.  Some dogs like rawhide, some like dog biscuits. This dog has a particular affection for ears. He will literally try to rip your ear off your head if he doesn’t like your looks. Yes, the dog has a small problem. That, my friends, is one good reason to have homeowners insurance. Homeowners insurance was referred to as fire insurance back in the good ole days. It would cover damage done to your house if it caught on fire.

But it covers much more than just fires. If my buddy is walking “Earbiter” down Rivermont avenue and “Earbiter” happens to get hold of little Johnnies ear, then my buddy will have insurance coverage thru his homeowner’s insurance policy. Homeowners insurance protects against all sorts of negligence claims, even those that occur away from the home.

One caveat, some homeowners’ insurance companies may not want to cover certain breeds of dogs, Rottweiler’s pit bulls, etc. Luckily for my buddy, “Earbiter” is not one of these breeds. Also, luckily, I can joke about this particular dog’s affinity for ears, because he has yet to hit his mark. As of this writing, all of his victims have managed to survive, ears intact.

DISCLAIMER: Each case is different and past results do not predict future outcomes.