General Litigation

We believe in the value of alternative dispute resolution processes and are always willing to explore the possibility of a fair and reasonable settlement of your case.  However, sometimes settlement is not an option.

Phillips, Morrison & Ferrell attorneys are always ready to take your case into the courtroom arena.  You will find that our attorneys are exceptionally well-regarded by their peers and in the courts wherever they appear.  We pride ourselves in being known for professional conduct, thorough preparation, and attention to detail.   When push comes to shove, we are aggressive, creative, and efficient trial attorneys who have successfully litigated cases covering a wide variety of practice areas.  Some of our most common types of litigated cases include:

  • Personal Injury/Wrongful Death cases
  • Domestic Relations/Divorce/Custody/Support/Prenuptial Agreements
  • Will contests and other probate disputes
  • Contract actions and warranty disputes
  • Property and Real Estate Disputes
  • Shareholder, partner and L.L.C. membership disputes
  • Criminal Defense
  • Commercial law disputes